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Skin Rejuvenation

Perfect treatment for hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), vascular lesions, elastosis, rough skin, fine lines, enlarged pores and superficial acne scarring by simultaneously even out texture & skin tone.
It combines bipolar radio frequency and light energies to produce amazing photo rejuvenation results. This technique allows us to precisely lighten or fade several different skin imperfections for people of most skin types. Darker skin types may need extra care and expertise and our skin experts can provide this. Almost any body part can be treated, the most common being sun exposed areas such as the face, hands, chest, back or the shoulders. Hair bearing areas should be avoided as it can lead to unintended hair loss.

Treatment Highlights

  • Safety: Perfect for most skin types

  • Low Downtime: Almost no downtime. .

Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Laser Skin Rejuvenation
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